Learning To Walk

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October 26, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Learning To Walk

A dog and a coffee

Things have been a little rough for me lately and I haven't been posting much. With the weather turning colder, I haven't done much walking or taking photos either. I knew I had been getting about town quite a bit on my travels, but except for sharing it on Facebook, I didn't think anyone would notice.

Yesterday, the sun was out so I decided to go for a short stroll while I could. On my walk, I was approached by a man I had never met and he motioned for me to take out my earphones (I'm always listening to music while I walk). When I did, he smiled and said "I'm learning to walk like you." At first I thought I had misheard him. Then I considered the possibility that he was making fun of me for some random reason. When he said it a second time however, he seemed genuine and gave me another smile before he continued on. I put my earbuds back in and resumed my walk. I'm still not sure what to make of the experience, but I am leaning towards it being a positive one. At least, I hope it wasn't the first time he had ever seen me and simply wanted to make fun of the way I walk.

Too cold for me this morning, so some home made coffee and a small dog in front of a window will have to do.

A song to look out the window to: The Wallflowers "One Headlight".

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative writer based in London, Canada. He engages in a wide range of writing styles including poetry, personal essays, articles, short stories, novels; as well as whatever else may float his boat or tickle his fancy. He is not adverse to drawing on personal experience to write about mental health issues or his perspectives on human interaction.

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