The Zoo On The Bus

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She Is That Strong
November 27, 2017
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December 12, 2017

The Zoo On The Bus

Plastic Toy Hippo

Once while riding on a bus
I sat beside a 'Potomus
A roley, poley thing was he
With a basket of bricks upon his knee
That's when he calmly turned to me and said

I see you staring
I see you glaring
I see bulging eyes and nostrils flaring
I see the questions in your head
About these bricks, both yellow and red
Heavy as a tonne of lead
All balanced on my knee

I began to speak in my defence
When the monkey in front began to dance
"I've something to say," he shouted aloud
As he danced among the bus-going crowd
"My bananas are gone! They've been missing all day!
It was someone here and I'll make them pay!"

Then all at once there came a hush as the passengers turned to me

The Osterich by the window glared
The Goat and her Kids all stared and stared
The Zebra, The Cow, and the Turkey shook
Shook by the strength of their pop-eyed look

I jumped to my feet and yelled "No Siree!"
"I'm not a thief, don't pin it on me!"
Then I spun on my feet, on my seat, on the bus
I whirled and frowned at the 'Potomus
"And who do you think you are?" I said
As I watched his face turn pink, then red

He started to cry, he started to shake
Great rolling tears poured down into lakes
"I'm sorry," he cried. "It was rude of me.
Have a brick. Take one, take two, take three!"

I looked at the bricks, at the zoo on the bus
At the dancing monkey and the sad 'Potomus
I thanked them all for an interesting ride
But my stop was next and that meant goodbye
As the bus slowed down and rolled to a stop
I grabbed my bricks and waved to get off

As they pulled away in the bus, up the block
I laid my colourful bricks on the grey sidewalk
And I swore to myself right there on the spot
No matter the weather, tomorrow I'll walk

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative and technical writer based in London, Canada. Beyond writing for his own personal pursuits, he is also the Creative Strategist and writer for Lumin8 Strategy & Design Agency Inc..

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