Little Johnny Bandersnoot

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December 12, 2017
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The Loneliest Place
December 13, 2017

Little Johnny Bandersnoot

Door opening with secret inside

Little Johnny Bandersnoot
had a closet full of loot
and he filled it with the oddest toys,
much odder than the other boys.

His Mother never could get in
that upright, locked tight, bedroom bin
for Johnny hid the key.

“Johhny dear,” his Mother would say
“Please let me in the closet today?”
But little Johnny would scream and shout
“You’ll only be sorry when you let them out!”

And though she begged to be let in
that upright, locked tight, bedroom bin
Johnny wouldn’t let her see.

Johnny’s Father would climb the stair,
with wrinkled suit and shaggy hair,
home straight from work, he would grimly say

“I’m in no mood to laugh and play.”

So, who would let their Father in
that upright, locked tight, bedroom bin
and Johnny only said, “Not me.”

Then one day it all would end
as Johnny came home from a friend’s,
he heard his parents' frantic calls
from up the stairs and through the halls.
He ran, he flew quick as he could
as he heard the splintering, cracking wood.

He reached his room and flew right in
and that upright, locked tight, bedroom bin
stood wide open…

His parents lay sprawled upon the ground,
their mouths agape, they made no sound
for Johnny’s secret was there to see.
Sitting quietly, sipping tea,
in lawn chairs both in blue and green,
sat a dinosaur,
a pink baboon,
and her majesty the Queen.

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative and technical writer based in London, Canada. Beyond writing for his own personal pursuits, he is also the Creative Strategist and writer for Lumin8 Strategy & Design Agency Inc..

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