Math Class Ass

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December 19, 2017
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Do You Remember?
February 9, 2018

Math Class Ass


Here I sit in my math class, feeling fine, except for my ass.
I stretch, I yawn, let it all hang out, but I get too loose, and my tongue falls out.
There’s a girl on my left, a guy to my right, I shake my head and they watch the sight.
I start to drool, I start to shake, I forget my ass, as my head now aches.
I’m out of control, there’s just no stop, to the gruesome sight - the spit and the slop.
Everyone shouts, and they dive for cover, as I come to a stop, my tongue just hovers.
I look about and see disaster.
I try to run but my teacher’s faster.
He grabs my collar and pulls me back.
I yell and kick, but he gives no slack.
He makes me scrub, he makes me clean, I try to joke but it’s not his scene.
It wasn’t great, it wasn’t a gas, but at least I can’t feel that pain in my ass.

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative writer based in London, Canada. He engages in a wide range of writing styles including poetry, personal essays, articles, short stories, novels; as well as whatever else may float his boat or tickle his fancy. He is not adverse to drawing on personal experience to write about mental health issues or his perspectives on human interaction.

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