Human Beings Being Human

Morning stare down
First Day After
September 7, 2018

Human Beings Being Human

Me not in a bathroom

Remember, we've all got to be here, so let's be here for each other. Sappy? Maybe. The right thing? Definitely.

Let's not let a little thing like being "tough" get in the way of being a decent human being (by the way, does anyone else find the phrase "human being" to be a little embarrassing? We don't use it for other living creatures like "mammal being" or "bird being". I fear the fact we need words to remind ourselves to be human doesn't reflect well for us, and we invented the language). And yes, I do realize it looks like I'm sitting in a public bathroom, but I didn't design the University campus. We all have to work with what we're given, even if it's ugly bricks.

A Tuesday tune to write a class essay by: Kenny Loggins "I'm Alright"

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative writer based in London, Canada. He engages in a wide range of writing styles including poetry, personal essays, articles, short stories, novels; as well as whatever else may float his boat or tickle his fancy. He is not adverse to drawing on personal experience to write about mental health issues or his perspectives on human interaction.

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