Christopher Muggridge

November 26, 2017
Cold morning with coffee and a scarf

The One About Depression And A Scarf

Sunday morning and the temperature has dropped back down to zero but I was up at eight, showered and dressed, and here I am, already outside and on the move. A big change from yesterday morning. On the outside, at least, but this is the first step to changing the inside. It may not make a difference but at least I know I will feel better that I tried. That I didn't just roll over and go back to sleep. That I didn't choose to hide. If depression wants me today, it can come and find me. I don't see why I should be the only one doing all the work.

P.S.: I finally figured out how to put on my scarf properly but as I have it wrapped around a hoodie and I'm still wearing my motorcycle jacket, I fear whatever I might have gained in intellectual progress, I have sorely lost in fashion acumen. I still have to work on that whole "hat" thing.

Sunday sing-along: Otis Redding "Hard To Handle".

November 26, 2017

Nice Ears

I think we should be much more appreciative of our ears. Not only do they enable us to communicate more effectively, give us something to adorn, and something to hold onto when things get a little heated (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), they also save us from having to staple our glasses in place.

November 25, 2017
Overhead coffee street shot

Late Start Saturday

Very late start today. I find when I sleep in I am more vulnerable to the negative thoughts and emotions that can plague me so I try to make sure I get up first thing, even when it's hard. This morning I slipped and sure enough, Depression came to visit with its brothers Hopelessness and Worthlessness in tow. At first I was prepared to just give in but then I decided I didn't want to waste another day. So I said "fuck you," threw on some 80's music, grabbed a shower, got dressed, and got my ass out into the sunshine. Some days, all it takes is a pair of red Converse and a red cup of coffee and you're back on top.

Music to get moving: Clarence Carter "Stroke It".

November 24, 2017

Confucious Say…

I know it's so cliché you could build a television sitcom around it, but the fact is we only live once and if you only get one shot at anything, why would you choose the worst option available? Live to be happy. Do what you need to do to make that happen. Make yourself happy and you put yourself in a position to make others happy. If you don't know how to make the choices that will make you happy, make the choices that will save you from suffering. One way or another, you will live a life worth living. Of course, it's Friday night and I have been drinking, so keep that in mind when you suddenly go full Confucius on your shit.
November 24, 2017
Betty Crocker kettle

Coffee Cupcakes

The kettle I use to make my coffee is manufactured by Betty Crocker. I keep trying to get it to make me cupcakes but it's stuck on the hot water setting. I figure more coffee will help me figure it out.

November 24, 2017
Out walking

Good To Get Out

Windy as hell but decent weather otherwise. Way too much work waiting for me to allow for a long walk, but I'm happy enough to have squeezed in a short one. It feels good to get out.

November 24, 2017

Ignatius Thunderbottom

According to Bon Jovi, someone has been giving love a bad name. My hope is it isn't a name like "Ignatius Thunderbottom". Enough people have difficulty telling others they love them and this sort of thing will kill any hopes of getting them over that hurdle. Not to mention how difficult it's going to be signing those little cards you send with a bouquet of flowers. I think that person is being very selfish, making everything much harder on the rest of us, simply because they have a grudge against a simple four letter word.

It's been great chatting with you. Be sure to give my Ignatius Thunderbottom to your mother for me when you see her.

November 24, 2017

Bounce In My Step

Today I've got a little bounce in my step, a little pep in my stride, a little go-out-and-get, and nothing to hide. There's also a little tear in my underwear but let's agree to focus on the positive, OK?

November 24, 2017
Face down on keyboard

Slow Morning Friday

Bed at 4:30am and up again at 7am is not a good way to begin a Friday. Granted, it's not a good way to begin any day but as this day is Friday, I'm going to to keep things current. I don't think my brain can handle anything more than that right now. Still, work has to get done and deadlines have to be met, so with the promise of some sun and warmer weather today, I'm making sure I have plenty of time to squeeze in a walk. I'll probably still end up with a keyboard imprint on my face and drool on my mousepad before the day is out but things could be worse. My job could involve feeding an industrial grade wood chipper. I bet those guys make sure they get plenty of sleep.

Today's melody for the barely upright: Otis Redding "I've Got Dreams To Remember".

November 23, 2017
Misty eyed toast

Here’s To Your Awesomeness

Oddly enough, sometimes when I begin to feel depressed, I find that telling other people how much I appreciate them and how important they are for being who they are, makes me feel better. I am going to try and get around town a little later and do that. Some of you have already had such interactions with me and I want you to know I was sincere when I shared my sentiments, and they have not changed. My favourites though are those people I don't know. The ones who contribute to society and, although they may get paid to do their "job", they are often not the jobs that most of us would do. The people who volunteer, the ones who clean up after us, the ones who work to make our community a better place. Perhaps acknowledging that these people matter helps me believe that others think of me the same way at times but I'm not aware of it. It could be wishful thinking on my part but there are times when I feel I need something to hold on to, and if a wish is the best I can get, I'll take it. Here's to you and how awesome you are.

Song for a Thursday: The Temptations "Just My Imagination".