Christopher Muggridge

October 25, 2017
Sick and cold with a coffee

Sick And Still Kicking

Major headache this morning. Sick to your stomach and can't listen to your music level shit. Still, Wednesday has insisted that it won't wait for me to feel better, so here I am. Between it and the weather, it may prove to be a short walk. Especially since my hands are freezing.

No song this morning.

October 24, 2017
Tuesday smirk at the gym

A Tuesday Truth

Tuesday's little nugget of truth? I hate pushups. Third day back in the gym after an extended leg recovery from day two. Three hours of terrible sleep ruled out my planned 5:30 start but I was determined to get back on track, so here I am. Off to Timmie's and then a full day of work.

Sweating to the oldies sing-along: Kris Kross "Jump".

October 23, 2017
Early morning coffee happy


The weather is supposed to turn nasty later so I am up early getting in what may be my only walk of the day. I have decided to make today's official word "Poopschnudel". I realize having an official word isn't a necessary thing but it's fun to shout one out randomly to see who is paying attention, and I find this one particularly amusing. "Poopschnudel". Ha ha ha. Good word. May your Monday be the ride on the coaster and not the time waiting in line.

A song before sunrise: Organized Rhyme "Check The O.R. Redux".

October 22, 2017
I am strong enough dog tag

I Am Strong Enough

I had this made by my friend Heather Church a few years ago. I use it to remind myself that even though my mind sometimes panics and tells me I can't handle whatever is coming next, I've proved it wrong many times before. The fact I'm still here and writing this is proof I'm not only strong, I am strong enough. Strong enough to deal with whatever needs to be done. One day I might be proven wrong, but this morning, I'm here and I'm out walking.

Song for a sunlit morning: Supertramp "Breakfast In America".

October 21, 2017
Walking the autumn trails

Bittersweet Nature

Had to steal some time from work to walk the trails. The leaves are finally changing colours and falling from the trees. It's an odd feeling when you admire and dread something at the same time. I'm smiling in the photo but I'm not sure how much I'm feeling it. Like so many things in life, it's bittersweet.

October 20, 2017
Positive outdoor walk

Small Moments Of Positivity

It's been a rough week for me, both emotionally and physically (my legs are still punishing me from Wednesday's workout), but the sun is out and so am I. I think sometimes we don't know why we keep pushing on when it feels like we should give up but I as long as we do, we get another chance to figure out the answer . The key, perhaps, is to search out and hold on to those small moments of positivity that are easily dismissed in the darker noise. Make conscious decisions about what is really important. In the end, it's all about choice and convincing yourself you have one, even when you feel like you don't. Today I am going to choose to smile. I think you should too.

This morning's song: Van Morrison "Into The Mystic".

October 19, 2017
Long shadow of person

Walking Tall

Some days I wish I could walk as tall as my shadow.

Single to start the morning: Glen Hansard "The Song Of Good Hope".

October 18, 2017
Goderich beach sunset

Enjoy It While You Can

Don't know how many more walks along the Goderich beach I'll get before winter takes over but I'll enjoy them while I can.

October 18, 2017


Anybody else ever get the feeling they're destined for greatness and then remember they're not sixteen anymore?

October 18, 2017
After gym workout face

Back At The Gym

Gym Day 2. My body may take a while to catch up but my mind is already way ahead. Five things I have learned so far...

  1. Sweat from your forehead may do its best to to sting your eyes and blind you in an attempt to make you stop the insanity.
  2. Lowering your body to the ground is much easier than getting it back up again.
  3. Grunting and cursing are involuntary but necessary parts of the process.
  4. It is possible for individual muscle groups to hate you.
  5. My trainer is a sadist.

Time for a coffee, a shower, then off to work. Weather permitting, a walk later.

Morning track to sweat to: Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere".