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April 24, 2018
Bed head

Bed Head Most Dire

You know how sometimes you sleep on your hair wrong and it gets pulled in the wrong direction or something long enough that when you wake up your scalp hurts in that area? I hate that.

I also hate when people leave their dogs outside for long periods of time while they bark and whine at the door, cars parked haphazardly across two parking spaces, and those stupid memes on Facebook that say things like "I bet I won't get even one share" - but right now? Mostly the hair thing.


After having survived the infamous bed head incident this morning, I picked up my car from the garage and discovered my bill to be half the estimated cost. Drastic improvement already. Next step, keep the momentum rolling.

Here's to hoping that this is the greatest tribulation I'll be facing on my Tuesday.

A song for the follicly antagonized: The Beatles "Something".

April 23, 2018
Christopher Muggridge Mug Logo

A Meeting Of Mountains

Mountain, meet Monday. Oh, you already know each other? Of course you do. I'll go get my climbing gear and meet you back here in an hour.

April 22, 2018
Walking a new path

A Fresh Kind Of Walk

First official walk of 2018.

Time to bring out the music, slip on the red converse, and exorcise some winter demons.

Just waiting for Mother Nature to bring her green to the celebration.

A song while we wait: Barenaked Ladies "Enid".

April 21, 2018
Janet, James, and I

Artists In The Sun

A graphic designer, an illustrator, and me. Out and about in the sun for an open house tour of local artists. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for letting me tag along Janet and James.

April 19, 2018
Christopher Muggridge Mug Logo

Pancakes Over Panic

Ugh. Morning. Early. Stupid adulting.

In a determined attempt at mind over matter, I have decided to relabel my panic attacks as pancake attacks. Admittedly, there will be a risk of weight gain involved, but if successful, I won't care. Other potential challenges include a strain on budget due to purchase of large quantities of batter and frequent laundry runs to tackle what I have already termed "pocket syrup syndrome", a side-effect of remaining adequately supplied while on the road. All to be outweighed by the reduction in stress an irritability.

I feel calmer already and full enough to take a nap.

Sweet, sweet, sing-song: Carpenters "Close To You".

April 18, 2018
Wild hair Wednesday

Hump Day, Wednesday Wave

During the night, I woke and felt like I'd been drinking (quite heavily) before going to sleep. I was convinced I'd be facing a hangover come morning, so I changed my alarm from six a.m. to eight as a preemptive measure to mitigate the impact. When I woke again, I realized I'd been dreaming and hadn't had anything to drink at all.

I still feel like shit but it's a normal, everyday kind of shit and not a hangover level kind of shit, so in a bizarre sort of fashion, I actually started my day thankful for something. It's all good in the hood. Or, as a white, 46 year old male with no defensible claim to a life situation and an environment which Collins Dictionary defines as representing "a lower class housing where minorities, immigrants and the poor live. Mostly attributed to African Americans and government housing known as the projects", it's all good in the Old Navy hoodie.

And yes, that is pre-shower bedhead and a toaster oven in the background. I am both unkempt and low-tech so I like to think I'm hardcore in my own questionable fashion.

Just got to ride the Hump Day, Wednesday wave, baby. Ride the wave.

A sober yet super tune: Gowan "Strange Animal".

April 17, 2018
Head in hand

Let’s Hear It For Tuesday

I've been working hard to be more positive lately. I really have. I've been lining up contract work and budgeting things to get me through the next few months, and I'm close to making it happen. I have some potential timing challenges with payments from clients lining up but I'm not dwelling on it. I've been confident things will come together and for the first time in a while, things will be a little more secure, at least for the immediate future.

One to shimmie to: Willie Nelson "On The Road Again".

Should have known better, I suppose. Took my car in for a much overdue $95 wheel alignment, came out with a $1,200 quote and a car they were concerned about me driving home for fear of the front end collapsing to the ground at the first bump in the road.

Yay Tuesday.

One to shimmie to: Willie Nelson "On The Road Again".

April 11, 2018
Christopher Muggridge Mug Logo


I struggled to wake up to my six am alarm so I told myself I had accomplished so much yesterday I could go back to sleep until seven. I knew that wasn't true and started to refute it, but then I said "Shhh, shhh. It's OK." and passed out. I can be so gullible and manipulative at the same time. I'm a very complex person. A very tired and complex person.

A simple ditty: Buddy Holly "Everyday".

April 10, 2018
Cereal for breakfast


I think a great way to feed my fragile ego would be to acquire an Amazon Echo and occasionally yell out things like "Alexa, make us some toast." Then I'd stand at the counter all smug-like and smile as I buttered each slice, picturing her sulking away in the Cloud like an over-hyped brick of simulated intelligence, keenly aware of her physical limitations. The fact she couldn't partake of the freshly prepared, warm, toasty goodness would only serve to further my deftly orchestrated sense of false superiority and as a bonus, cater to my guilty pleasure of not having to share.

I can't afford to purchase an Echo at the moment and my toaster is broken so I'm having cereal for breakfast, but I know inside I'll be laughing to myself all day and muttering things like "Oh yah".

It's probably best I'm broke because I'm sure Alexa would only end up ruining things by reminding me how I need to get out more.

A song for the artificially bold: Gino Vanelli "Black Cars".

April 8, 2018
Fortunate Ones

Take What You Can, She Said

I love a well written verse. Something smart. Something that conveys a concept or emotion without sacrificing depth through the blunt use of straightforward, obvious language.

Rather, it slips into your consciousness like a whisper and settles in deep - a truth you've always carried but never recognized was there until someone shone a light on it. One of my favourite examples is from a song called Murder In The City by The Avett Brothers...

"Make sure my sister knows I loved her
Make sure my mother knows the same
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name"

This afternoon I added a new one to my collection. This one is from Fortunate Ones and their song, Steady As She Goes...

"Take what you can, she said
Let the rest go up in flames
We'll be all right I bet
It's the faces in the frames that kept the house up anyways"

Just beautiful.

And what makes it all even better? They're from Newfoundland.

November 7, 2017
Smiling woman with blowing hair

Don’t Punish Yourself

Read this and know that at least one person is thinking of you, so you must be worth thinking about. Be easy on yourself and be kind.

November 7, 2017
Slice of cake

Misunderstanding Motivation

The mistaken belief that motivation is an external force required in order to make action possible is the greatest hindrance to realizing one's greatest accomplishments.

November 7, 2017
Roses on rocky sea shore

Lives Intersect

Sometimes you can try to do the right things for the best reasons, to the best of your ability, but life is complicated and we don't live isolated on our own islands.

September 23, 2017
Sand castles

Building On Depression

What many people don't realize about depression is that it isn't gone just because someone is happy and smiling.

September 23, 2017
Rose in black and white

Imagine There’s No Heaven

I am an Atheist and I don't believe in Heaven. This means no second chances, no rewards, no reunions with previously deceased loved ones, and no eternal life beyond this mortal coil.

September 23, 2017
Man jumping in water

Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome.

It occurs to me that all it takes to be awesome is to believe you are. The rest is all just hype and perception. It doesn't matter if anyone else believes it, as long as you do.

September 23, 2017
Tired dog on lawn chair

I Remember Sleep

I remember when sleep and I used to be friends. Well, maybe friends is too strong a word. More like acquaintances who lived down the hall from each other and borrowed cups of sugar from time to time.

July 9, 2017

Keep It Calm

The key to dealing with confrontation between yourself and another is to always remember to remain calm.

July 8, 2017

Don’t Forget

It is impossible to almost forget something.

July 8, 2017

I Don’t See It

Legal Blindness is defined as “…visual acuity (vision) of 20/200 (6/60) or less in the better eye with best correction possible.” Although this certainly conveys that the person affected may have limited visual perception and perhaps even qualify for some sort of government assistance based on that fact, it does not factually mean that the condition has been licensed in some fashion.