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Sometimes I post these thoughts on my website for you to read. Sometimes you read them. This is generally referred to as "Blogging", which should not be confused with "Flogging", an activity I do not perform for free. Unlike my Blogging.

November 24, 2017
Face down on keyboard

Slow Morning Friday

Bed at 4:30am and up again at 7am is not a good way to begin a Friday. Granted, it's not a good way to begin any day but as this day is Friday, I'm going to to keep things current. I don't think my brain can handle anything more than that right now. Still, work has to get done and deadlines have to be met, so with the promise of some sun and warmer weather today, I'm making sure I have plenty of time to squeeze in a walk. I'll probably still end up with a keyboard imprint on my face and drool on my mousepad before the day is out but things could be worse. My job could involve feeding an industrial grade wood chipper. I bet those guys make sure they get plenty of sleep.

Today's melody for the barely upright: Otis Redding "I've Got Dreams To Remember".

November 23, 2017
Misty eyed toast

Here’s To Your Awesomeness

Oddly enough, sometimes when I begin to feel depressed, I find that telling other people how much I appreciate them and how important they are for being who they are, makes me feel better. I am going to try and get around town a little later and do that. Some of you have already had such interactions with me and I want you to know I was sincere when I shared my sentiments, and they have not changed. My favourites though are those people I don't know. The ones who contribute to society and, although they may get paid to do their "job", they are often not the jobs that most of us would do. The people who volunteer, the ones who clean up after us, the ones who work to make our community a better place. Perhaps acknowledging that these people matter helps me believe that others think of me the same way at times but I'm not aware of it. It could be wishful thinking on my part but there are times when I feel I need something to hold on to, and if a wish is the best I can get, I'll take it. Here's to you and how awesome you are.

Song for a Thursday: The Temptations "Just My Imagination".

November 21, 2017
Standing outside Service Ontario

Getting Renewed

Sometimes I get frustrated because I have dreams at night that I'm sure mean something important, but when I wake up, I can't remember them. Like last night, I have this strong sense that I came up with a few new swear words I could put to great use today and now they're gone forever.

I'm on my second cup of coffee and on my way to get my license and health card renewed. I keep all my old ones to use as a visual road map, tracing my slow and mundane journey towards old age and eventual death, in five year increments. I could rely on selfies but this way, the government does it and charges me for it, so you know it's official.

Tuesday's tuneage: Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That".

November 20, 2017
Christmas lights at night

Christmas Is Coming

I guess Christmas is coming...

November 20, 2017
Walking outdoors

Blow Away The Mondays

Some sun and a quick walk to have the brisk wind blow some of the Monday off my shoulders.

November 20, 2017

First World Problem

First world problem: My new coffee mug is too tall and blocks part of my monitor.

November 20, 2017

Facebook Conundrum

My day as I scroll down my Facebook feed with my fingers poised over my keyboard..."Nope - won't get my humour, nope - too sarcastic to post, nope - definite flame war starter, nope - I secretly hold a grudge against them but won't de-friend them because I'd rather keep tabs on them, nope - I can't keep correcting their spelling forever, wait... nope - easy target but their pet just died. Damn, we'll try again in five...

November 20, 2017


Starting the day with something to eat is for wimps. And hungry people, I suppose. I mean, if you feel strongly enough about making sure that everyone is "included". Pffft. This politically correct, everyone counts thing is really getting out of hand, am I right? Next thing you know, we will all be entitled to the same amount of air.

November 20, 2017

Take On A Nap

Started work and "Take On Me" by a-ha is playing on Spotify.

Me: Challenge accepted.

Also me: I wonder if all those cords under my desk will be a fire hazard if I drag my blanket down there and curl up?

November 20, 2017
Drinking coffee

Monday Fog Ninja

Here's to a weekend that's passed, a sleep gone too fast, and a Monday arrived that can go kiss my neighbour's cat. Damn, start of the week poetry is hard. Time for coffee.

And, yes, I did buy the turtleneck sweater to match my hair and beard. I am working towards a new career as a fog ninja. First step, the uniform. #DressForTheJobYouWant

A little ditty for the neighbour's kitty: Paul Simon "Cecilia".

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