Technical Writing Samples


Request for Proposal

42 page Request for Proposal for Mobile Application and Website Development.


RFP Response 1

18 page Request for Proposal Response for Database and Web Application Maintenance, Hosting, and Development.


RFP Response 2

85 page Request for Proposal Response for Association Management System.


Functional Specification

This document's purpose is to describe the functionality of the Electronic Survey Application.


Solution Discovery Report 1

The goal of this report is to present qualified Association Management Software solutions to replace the client’s current software.


Solution Discovery Report 2

The purpose of this document is to aid the client in acquiring the most appropriate information management solution available.


Deployment Strategy Plan

The purpose of this document is to provide a strategy and plan for the deployment of software solutions. This document is comprised of two components: the Deployment Strategy and the Deployment Plan.


Scope Management Plan

The Scope Management Plan provides the scope framework for this project. This plan documents the management approach, roles and responsibilities, project definition, verification and control measures, change control, and work breakdown structure.


Statement of Work

A simple project proposal document outlining basic work scope and terms for a client.