July 16, 2017

Death’s Black, Black Kiss

How furious the flaming tiger grows
when eager his heart and passion shows
but the bitter sweet of life he knows
is but the hollow smack of death’s black, black kiss.

How sad that he shan’t be missed.

July 16, 2017

Content In Love

I’ll press you up against the wall
Cradle your face in my hands and kiss you long and deep with passion
If you’ll wrap your legs around me
Clasp your hands behind my neck, pull me in and throw away all caution
Reminding me once again why it is I choose to stay

July 16, 2017


She chose to share her love
At least as much as any cat can
On my lap, her back to me
while she cleaned
Both of us wanting to be here
With only one of us willing to admit it

July 16, 2017

Counting On You

If I live my life to be a two,
My one plus another and the other is you
How can I trust the one that I am
When my one is lost before I began?

The one I should be, is half without you
But to be a one, we must join, making two.

June 15, 2017


The door was left open
Though not very wide
Just wide enough
To let sadness inside

June 15, 2017

We’re All Crazy

We're all crazy
You and me
those locked up
those running free
I can prove it
or lose it
even abuse it
but I can't hold me up

June 15, 2017


"You sound happier these days," she said, and it made him wonder.

He flexed the muscles of his mind
Struggling hard to stretch the lines
To read between them, attempt to find
The truth to bring him peace

June 15, 2017

The Hard Way

So many times have I been down
Down to the bottom of a barrel or another
Scraping the bottom to discover
My world flipped upside down

And I’m starting over

June 15, 2017

The Lonely Road

Up from the bottom to the top he rose
A broken clown in kingly robes
He borrowed and stole but never owed
His sadness stained the lonely road

June 15, 2017


True strength is not showing you can dominate
It's the knowing and then choosing to alleviate
Raising others up instead of holding them down
Pointing their eyes to the sky, instead of the ground
Knowing all the time you could break them
If you wanted to
If you chose to
If you were not so strong