The Little Man
June 15, 2017


Sometimes, I like to lay and think of her
Nothing too complicated
Just enough to keep me sated
Enough to keep me sane

Sometimes, I like to think I can hear her
Though its quite clear
She's not here
Her laughter is still the same

She sits in summer grass by the cornfield where,
like children, we chased a setting sun and in the time that passed
I saw revealed where her body had
In the rows she had run, and I knew, in that space,
if she left I would follow
I could do no less
I had come undone

Sometimes, I like to stop and picture her
Vivid photos in mind
Dreams of a kind
A glimpse of her again

But most of all
I like to think that she thinks of me too

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative writer based in London, Canada. He engages in a wide range of writing styles including poetry, personal essays, articles, short stories, novels; as well as whatever else may float his boat or tickle his fancy. He is not adverse to drawing on personal experience to write about mental health issues or his perspectives on human interaction.

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