Day Three Of A Positive Streak

Blessing And A Curse
November 10, 2017
Sunday morning smiling coffee
Two Days Until Haircut Day
November 12, 2017

Day Three Of A Positive Streak

Hulk drink coffee

Run with the fun and enjoy the sun.
There may be storms on the 'morrow
but for today, shine your smile
even one you have to borrow.

Me in all my Saturday "Hell no, I ain't going outside and I'm not showering until after lunch time, either" glory.

Song to stay in by: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch "Good Vibrations"

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge is a creative writer based in London, Canada. He engages in a wide range of writing styles including poetry, personal essays, articles, short stories, novels; as well as whatever else may float his boat or tickle his fancy. He is not adverse to drawing on personal experience to write about mental health issues or his perspectives on human interaction.

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