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Sometimes I have thoughts.

Sometimes I post these thoughts on my website for you to read. Sometimes you read them. This is generally referred to as "Blogging", which should not be confused with "Flogging", an activity I do not perform for free. Unlike my Blogging.

October 26, 2017
Sweating at the gym

It’s Gym Time

Up at seven and at the gym for an hour on the bike. Not the same as being outside walking but it definitely builds up a sweat.

A tune to peddle by: Veruca Salt "Forsythia".

October 25, 2017
Sunset over the square

Down But Not Out

The sun is not giving up on this day without a fight and neither did I.

October 25, 2017
Sunset street

Even With A Headache

Getting too cold for my liking, and still fighting this damn headache, but I figured I would squeeze in one more short walk.

October 25, 2017
Sick and cold with a coffee

Sick And Still Kicking

Major headache this morning. Sick to your stomach and can't listen to your music level shit. Still, Wednesday has insisted that it won't wait for me to feel better, so here I am. Between it and the weather, it may prove to be a short walk. Especially since my hands are freezing.

No song this morning.

October 24, 2017
Tuesday smirk at the gym

A Tuesday Truth

Tuesday's little nugget of truth? I hate pushups. Third day back in the gym after an extended leg recovery from day two. Three hours of terrible sleep ruled out my planned 5:30 start but I was determined to get back on track, so here I am. Off to Timmie's and then a full day of work.

Sweating to the oldies sing-along: Kris Kross "Jump".

October 23, 2017
Early morning coffee happy


The weather is supposed to turn nasty later so I am up early getting in what may be my only walk of the day. I have decided to make today's official word "Poopschnudel". I realize having an official word isn't a necessary thing but it's fun to shout one out randomly to see who is paying attention, and I find this one particularly amusing. "Poopschnudel". Ha ha ha. Good word. May your Monday be the ride on the coaster and not the time waiting in line.

A song before sunrise: Organized Rhyme "Check The O.R. Redux".

October 22, 2017
I am strong enough dog tag

I Am Strong Enough

I had this made by my friend Heather Church a few years ago. I use it to remind myself that even though my mind sometimes panics and tells me I can't handle whatever is coming next, I've proved it wrong many times before. The fact I'm still here and writing this is proof I'm not only strong, I am strong enough. Strong enough to deal with whatever needs to be done. One day I might be proven wrong, but this morning, I'm here and I'm out walking.

Song for a sunlit morning: Supertramp "Breakfast In America".

October 21, 2017
Walking the autumn trails

Bittersweet Nature

Had to steal some time from work to walk the trails. The leaves are finally changing colours and falling from the trees. It's an odd feeling when you admire and dread something at the same time. I'm smiling in the photo but I'm not sure how much I'm feeling it. Like so many things in life, it's bittersweet.

October 20, 2017
Positive outdoor walk

Small Moments Of Positivity

It's been a rough week for me, both emotionally and physically (my legs are still punishing me from Wednesday's workout), but the sun is out and so am I. I think sometimes we don't know why we keep pushing on when it feels like we should give up but I as long as we do, we get another chance to figure out the answer . The key, perhaps, is to search out and hold on to those small moments of positivity that are easily dismissed in the darker noise. Make conscious decisions about what is really important. In the end, it's all about choice and convincing yourself you have one, even when you feel like you don't. Today I am going to choose to smile. I think you should too.

This morning's song: Van Morrison "Into The Mystic".

October 19, 2017
Long shadow of person

Walking Tall

Some days I wish I could walk as tall as my shadow.

Single to start the morning: Glen Hansard "The Song Of Good Hope".

November 17, 2017
Unimpressed in the cold

Out In The Cold

Friday is "Too bad, get your ass out for a walk," day. Anyone know if you can still get those little heat pouches we would stuff in our boots and mitts? I figure with an extra hour prep time, some duct tape, and a few hundred pouches, I might be able to extend my outdoor excursions for at least another week or two, until I completely succumb to my nemesis, the damnable cold.

Tune to freeze by: The Beatles "Drive My Car".

November 16, 2017

I’d Do That

Have you ever found yourself saying to someone "You know, if I knew how to do that, I would totally do it for you," and then immediately after, in your head, think "remember to never learn how to do that"?

November 16, 2017
Hiding behind a coffee mug

Hiding From Thursday

Good morning Thursday.

I realize we both have to be here today but let's try and keep to ourselves as much as possible. It's a small world, I know, but I am confident with a little effort we can each find our own space and give the other some breathing room. Don't bother looking for me because I will be hiding and I am really, really good at it. Like scary good. All my friends say so. So you stay over there, I'll stay over here, and we'll just wait for Friday to show up. I'm glad we can communicate and behave like adults about this.

Today's song for a separated room: The J. Geils Band "Centerfold".

November 15, 2017
Grumpy walk

Stupid Wednesday

I have decided, when I wake up excited about being half way through the work week and prepared to tackle the day, I am going to refer to it as being "Humped and Pumped". It only seems natural.

Wednesday decided to take my challenge and deliver me a less than satisfying morning. Disappointing enough that it has forced me out into the cold and intermittent rain for a walk, coffee, and donut. All I know is that it better smarten up or I'll - well I guess I won't do anything. I know it's a day and not a person. I'm frustrated, not stupid. Or at least not THAT stupid.

I've been getting depressed due to all the news I see about one bad thing happening after another in the world. Then I read that Blake Shelton has been voted the Sexiest Man Alive this year and the news is even trending above the latest mass shooting in Tehama County, California. It warms my heart to see humanity staying true to its priorities. Thank goodness for the little nuggets of positivity that bring sunshine into my day.

November 15, 2017
Morning coffee in glasses

What’cha Got Wednesday?

OK Wednesday, what'cha got?

And it better not be the cooties. I saw a bad case of those back in grade five and no one wants to live through that twice. Lost a lot of good kids that year. Well, maybe not "good" kids but most of them were at least tolerable. I can almost remember some of their names.

Other than that, bring it on.

Ditty for the day: Dolly Parton "Nine to Five".

November 14, 2017
Happy walk in the sun

Sneak Walking

Ha! Snuck in a walk. Suck it Mother Nature.

November 14, 2017
The morning after

Mondays, Beer & Tequila

Meant to go out for an hour last night after being cooped up in the house for a couple days, doing a lot of work. Lucky (or unlucky, depending on whether you measure by the night before or the morning after), I met some fine sea (lake?) faring gentlemen who were more than happy to share their time ashore with song and drink. Beer and Tequila are not part of my standard Monday routine, and I can't say I'll make it an ongoing tradition, but it turns out when other people are buying the rounds, any day can be treated like a Friday night. Unfortunately it doesn't turn the next day into Saturday, but time and Tuesday wait for no man (or any other unspecified gender I suppose) so it's off to work I go.

Tune for a Tuesday: David Bowie "Let's Dance".

November 13, 2017
Feet up on exercise bike handles

Looking For Attention

Spent twenty minutes like this at the gym waiting for someone to come and ask me what I was doing. I finally had to leave, but I figure I'll make up for it next time by coming in earlier and taking my pants off first. Sometimes it pays to kick things up a notch.

November 13, 2017
Monday morning coffee

Monday Instincts

This morning I could be waking up from a three month coma, not knowing who or where I am, or even what year it is, and I would still instinctively know it's a Monday.

A song to grudgingly start your day by: Billy Joel "Only The Good Die Young".

November 12, 2017
Madigan and Teegan

Love And Pride

Due to life and circumstances being true to what they are as they continue their relentless march forward, I get to see my girls less and less. I want them to know that no matter how much time passes or how much distance grows between us as they move on to bigger and better things, like everything else that changes, my love for them does too. It gets stronger. I love you both and I'm very proud of you.